Haven’t been doing much hiking this year. Not yet at least. Telling myself that it’s going to change soon though. Hopefully I’m not bull shiting myself.

Been contemplating the virtues of living the simple life a lot lately. Read a few books recently about the topic and it’s got me thinking. I wonder if living simply is a thing that requires drastic changes in our lifes or more a state of mind. In Gary John Bishop’s book “Unfu*k Yourself: Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Life” He talks about personal affirmations to change your life. He has seven in the book. My favorite is number 7 ” I expect nothing and accept everything “. This affirmation speaks to me deeply. I think its a way of going through life without letting life get the best of you. It isn’t about being timid and week at all. It’s about deciding for yourself what matters and not allowing outside events to shape your attitude. What is more powerful than deciding for yourself what matters. It also just has a simplicity to it that I real like.