Took a short two day trip into Sky Lakes Wilderness in Oregon recently. This time I went with a friend. We started at the Seven Mile Marsh trail head and hiked to Cliff Lake. After setting up camp we hiked to Alta Lake. This was my first time to each of these lakes. We ran into several PCT through hikers on our way into Cliff Lake. It was very interesting to visit with through hikers. Most of them were from outside the U.S. The hike up to Alta Lake was well worth it. Alta Lake is one of the nicer lakes in the area.

Alta Lake Oregon

After hiking back to camp from Alta Lake we had a good time just hanging out at Cliff Lake. There were a few other people at the lake as well. The weather was near perfect and the mosquitoes were all gone.

Cliff Lake Camp Oregon 2019
Cliff Lake Camp Oregon
Cliff Lake Oregon
Cliff Lake Oregon

On the second day we hiked up to Devils Peak. I’ve been here before but it was well worth a second visit. The view from Devils Peak is very nice.

Devils Peak Oregon
Devils Peak Oregon 2019

After hiking to Devils Peak we returned to camp, packed up and hike out. We ran into a few PCT through hike this day as well. All in all the trip went very well. It was to short but aren’t they all . . .