Took another trip up Wagner Butte in Southern Oregon recently. I’ve done this hike a few times before and really enjoy it. It’s a bit of a hump but the views are totally worth it. The hike is approximately 10 miles round trip with lots of elevation gain. The bulk of the elevation gain is in the first couple miles. After you reach the junction at Wagner Glade Gap the elevation levels out somewhat. I recommend getting an early start on hot days to avoid the afternoon and evening sun. Most of the trail is in shaded areas before noon. The trail doesn’t get a lot of traffic due to its difficulty. If you go on a weekday there’s a good chance you’ll have the trail to yourself.

There are a few springs along the trail but you can’t count on them and should bring plenty of water. Of course if you do drink from one of the springs don’t forget to filter it first.

The trail head isn’t marked well but is easy to find. It’s just across from a large dirt parking area just off the road. The road to the trail can be difficult to drive in winter months as it gets lots of snow and isn’t maintained.

View from summit. Mount Shasta, Mount Ashland and Pilot rock.
Summit area.
Wagner Glade Gap.