This is hike number 151 from  100 Hikes in Southern Oregon & N. Cal. I did this hike December 24th 2019 for the first time. I’ve done several hikes in the Applegate area. This is one of the more challenging hikes in the area. The trail is a popular dirt biking trail as well as a hiking trail. I didn’t see any bikes on the day I went and I think its used by hikers more than bikers. The trail didn’t look like it gets a lot of bike traffic to me. Its in good shape all the way through. The trail goes through a well forested in area and has good shade most of the way. It doesn’t open up with views until you get around 80-90 percent in. I didn’t see any water sources along the trail so bring plenty of water. One of the advantages of this trail is that the route to the trail head is paved up to the last few feet. This makes its accessible all year around. Of course the trail its self will have snow on if snow levels in the area are low. That being said there wasn’t any snow the day I went.

Stein Butte Oregon Lookout

I look forward to doing this hike as often as possible. It would be a good spring hike for sure. The trail also continues on to Squaw Lakes and would make a really nice shuttle hike. I think it would be around 25 miles.

Stein Butte Oregon
Stein Butte Oregon


Length one way- 4.7 miles

Elevation Gain- 2300 feet

Difficulty- Moderate

Stein Butte Oregon GAIA GPS Tracks

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