This is hike number 64 from 100 Hikes in Southern Oregon & N. Cal. It uses several trials to complete a 6.5 mile loop around the peninsula of the lake. It starts at French Gulch on the Payette trial then the Osprey trail and return to Payette via Calsh trail. There’s several trails in this area and most are marked. I hiked this December 27th 2019. It looked like several new trail makers had been put up not to long ago and mostly the loop is easy to follow. Portions of the trail are what appear to be old dirt roads. I’m not sure that I was on Osprey trail all the way through to Calsh trail. I think I ended up using a portion of Prospectors Loop trail #974. Either way the loop is a nice easy hike with very little elevation gain and lots of shade.


Length- 6.5 miles

Elevation Gain- 478 feet

Difficulty- Easy

Applegate Lake
Calsh Trail