Took a rainy day hike today May 14th 2020 to Red Buttes area. I hiked the Frog Pond Cameron Meadows Loop. The loop is approximately 7.5 miles with 1831 feet elevation gain. This is hike 66 from 100 Hikes in Southern Oregon & N. Cal. I started at Cameron Meadows and went counter clockwise around loop. In my opinion this way makes the road walk back to your car much easier as the road is mostly down hill in this direction. I tried the loop a few weeks before this attempt but turned back due to snow. May is still a little early for this area I think. The high meadows still had snow on them. Hiking through snow is not a big deal but unfortunately this snow was melting which made the meadows a swampy mess. It was already a rainy day out but that wasn’t to much of an issue. I had my rain gear with me and stayed dry except for my feet. I should have been wearing water proof shoes. It was still a very enjoyable hike. I am one those hikers that thinks even a bad hike is a good hike. As long as no one gets injured and everyone gets home safely its better than no hike in my opinion.

Tracks Frog Pond Loop

I was planning on doing an overnight to Azalea lake today originally but changed my mind due to the weather. I think this ended up being a good decision. I would have had a hard time finding a dry place to camp.

Cameron Meadows
Frog Pond Cameron Meadows
Cameron Meadows
Pond at Cameron Meadows