I day hiked into Cliff Lake via Seven Lakes Trail July 12th 2020. The trail is a popular route into Cliff lake and the northern area of the Sky Lakes Wilderness. It comes in from the west side of the wilderness and passes by Frog Pond about half way in. The trail is a little shorter that coming in via Seven Mile Marsh Trail but is steeper and more difficult in my opinion. There’s also less water sources along this trail. The first water source I saw was Frog Pond.

Seven Lakes Trail #981

Shortly after passing Frog Pond you pass by the trail junction for Devil’s Peak. You can make a loop out of the trail by taking the Devils Peak junction and following it to the PCT. Turn left on the PCT and follow it over Devil’s Peak. The PCT will then meet up with Cliff Lake trail/Seven Lakes Trail. Take a left here to go towards Cliff Lake and return the way you came to make a loop of approximately 15 miles. If you don’t take the Devil’s Peak junction then the trail heads mostly down hill from here. You’ll pass by the Alta Lake junction shortly after the Devil’s Peak junction. Not to far past this point there’s a creek that follows along the trail offering a good water source.

Frog Pond

When I did this hike there were a lot of downed trees along the first couple miles but none that made the trail not passable. Overall this is not a bad way to enter the area, its just not the easiest in my opinion.

Cliff Lake Oregon
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