The Green Springs Mountain Loop hike is located just off highway 66 in Ashland Oregon. The loop is approximately 3 miles long with less than 350ft of elevation gain. There aren’t a lot of wide open views on the loop but it is a nice area to hike in. The loop does offer some nice views along the southern end of the loop.

Green Springs Mountain Loop Oregon

I started the loop at highway 66 via the PCT. This made the hike 6.5 miles without adding much elevation gain. It also allows you to park just off the highway. This way the hike can still be done when there’s a lot of snow in the area.

PCT Oregon Highway 62

This is a nice hike and would be good for taking along that friend or family member that doesn’t go hiking often and isn’t in great shape. It’s also nice if you just want a nice walk outdoors. There is plenty of room to stop and take a picnic in the same area where the views are.

Green Spring Mountain Loop

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