I recently upgraded my watch to a Polar Grit X Pro. My previous watch was Suunto Ambit Peak. I really like my Suunto but it was outdated and didn’t have many of the features available in modern sports watches. I went with the Grit X Pro for several reasons. My primary reason was Polar’s eco system and the military grade construction.

Polar Grit X Pro

Polar has a very extensive echo system with all kinds of useful features. Their sleep tracking is one of the best available. They have a all sorts of sports modes and coaching features like FitSpark. Their echo system is great for advanced athletes and people just getting started. The FitSpark feature gives you tips on what type of exercise you should do and has instructions on how to do the exercises. They even have a large library of YouTube video tutorials. The navigation features on the watch work well but I don’t use them because I use an app on my iPhone and paper maps. It has a cool feature that will guide you back to your starting point either in a straight line or via backtracking route you took. The battery last about 3-4 days for me and it charges quickly. I leave the wrist heart rate sensor on 24/7. I could probably get a week out of the battery if I only used heart rate while sleep tracking.


1. Build quality and design is excellent

2. Echo system is best available in my opinion

3. Battery life is good and can be fine tuned to meet your needs


1. Cost is high

2. Wrist heart rate can be very inaccurate at times

3. Not available at local retail stores (in my area)

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